Monday, 10 August 2015

Tblisi and onwards

My flight was with Ukrainian airlines and with a stopover in Kiev on the way. Not the best flight I've ever had and Kiev airport cafes really should take credit cards if they're going to cater to transit passengers. In the end I used my lounge card. The hot meal was frankfurters and white rice. I suppose it filled a hole. There were also cakes.

Envoy hostel met me at the airport so that was easy. It's in the old town so I went for a couple of drinks after I got in as things are open well into the early hours.

I did the tourist things the next day like getting the cable car up to the fortress and looking at more than my share of churches.

I'd booked a car so got the hostel to call me a cab to the car office. They told the cab company the address. So we're driving down the road. The cab driver says something that I obviously don't understand and I check Google maps which I've downloaded earlier using that feature they want you to use so much that they've hidden it.

We'd come far too far. Eventually after he phones the hostel fruitlessly I manage to convince him I know the way and we get there by me pointing the direction.

The car isn't ready and it's a Passat when I'm only paying for a Kia so all good. I've also booked a GPS. I've only given them a $200 deposit and they don't take credit cards. Eventually they find a holder that fits the GPS, the car arrives and I'm off.

Tblisi traffic isn't great. Road signs are also not good. Neither are the driving standards. Even the people not driving BMWs don't indicate. First bump I hit, and there are a few, the GPS falls off the windscreen. Eventually I escape the city and the open road through the mountains s a much nicer drive.

I stop at Alverdi monastery on the way. It looks a lot better preserved from the outside than the in. Then off to my hotel in Telavi. Eventually the woman in charge finds someone who can speak English though I had booked and even printed out the confirmation in both Russian and English. So after speaking with probably her grand daughter, everything is sorted and I have one night here.

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